June 20.2007

Sawadee clup, it will be the rainy season soon in Thailand. How are you? We "ORIENTAL NOISE CO.,LTD." do renewal of homepage for feeling change. Thanks to everyone, it is seven years from establishment of our company in this year. We think that this is a result that everybody always backup us. My best regards because our company holds out to pile up "Thailand & Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai" forever.

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血糖値が安定する苦瓜 マラキーノ




※東南アジア原産の小型の苦瓜の一種マラキーノは、 主成分の「モモルチシン」がすい臓を改善しインシュリンの分泌を促し、糖尿病の進行防止、改善に非常に大きな効果があります。


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basic knowledge about Kingdom of Thailand

Thailand we (Japanese) feel friendship deeply is located in Southeast Asia, the center part in the Indo-China peninsula, and the northern part region in the Malay Peninsula. Thailand is country based on Constitutional & monarch. Most people believe in "Lesser vehicle" Buddhism different from Japanese. The Chao Phraya river flows in the center area, and Agriculture is done mostly.Chiefly, rice, sugarcane corn tin, and the crude rubber, etc... are produced. The capital is Bangkok that is now the base point of the Asia travel for many people. ( The meaning of Bangkok is "Angel's capital".) The country is almost 510,000 square kilometers and almost 60 million people.

We lent free books(Only Japanese Language). It is possible to lent at AM10:00-PM7:00 of the weekday. (attention) We will take a rest if there is no report at Sunday and the national holiday. We make space for books in company and welcome to read or borrows there. And please donate your books if it is unnecessary for you.

Now we recruite an advertising client. Please contact us if you have shop or company in Thailand or want advances in a Thai district. "ORIENTAL NOISE CO.,LTD."
E-mail: terao@oriental-noise.com (Japanese or English) tel: +66-(0)5327-1533,1412 (Thia or Japanese Language)
Please ask about details to above adress and number.



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